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Hi-Traction Covers

Hi-Traction Covers

Improve Footing & Prevent Slips

Improve footing and help prevent slips and falls. A variety of grip options, color, size, and materials to suit your individual project. Use in conjunction with our glow-in-the-dark Grip Tape for a complete stair system that is visible after dark or during power outages. Can be permanently installed with mechanical fasteners and/or adhesive.

  • Unique surface nearly doubles both OSHA 's 0.5 and the ADA 's 0.6 guide lines for Coefficient of Friction values
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Logos and directional markings can be custom printed

Hi-Traction Ladder Rung Covers

Available as both channel shaped and half-round covers made to suit rung diameters from 3/4" to 2".

Hi-Traction Stair Covers

Stair covers that cover an entire step, not just the nose, to give you the best stair traction available. 15" midsection is photo-luminescent. Made to suit.